My name is Gabriel Nkini, Managing Director and Expedition Leader. I was born and raised in the Western Kilimanjaro Region and look forward to sharing the wonders and culture of Tanzania. As a young child I dreamed of working on the mountain. Having completed primary, secondary and college education in the Kilimanjaro Region, I have intimate knowledge of the local culture, Mount Kilimanjaro and the wildlife in the National Parks.

Over the years, I have been certified in a variety of areas: Certificate of International Orientation (ILOS), Certificate in First Aid, Diploma of National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), and Diploma of African Wildlife Management Mweka (AWM). I’ve received a license from the Kilimanjaro National Park to lead tourism on the six existing routes of Mount Kilimanjaro.

I have climbed Kilimanjaro more than 150 times and have taken every route. With my education and work experience, I have lead trekkers from ages 16 – 78 in large groups of 30+ people, tours of 5 -10 and individual tours. Join me for the experience of a lifetime!