Active Kilitop & Safaris was established in 2008 by Gabriel Nkini who is a certified Safari and Mountain guide. Before founding his company, he had worked for a number of leading Safari companies based in Arusha, Tanzania.

He invited some of the best guides in Safari and Mountain business to join him to form an exceptional team of knowledgeable, enthusiastic & professional Safari and adventure guides.

These guides are very passionate about the art of guiding and helping you achieve your goals… They have made Kiltop and Safaris one of the most respected Safari and Trekking companies in Tanzania.

Our professional guides are a talented group of Safari guides, climbers, and mountaineers dedicated to providing safe and educational adventures.

Each of Kilitop guide has an exceptional resume of Safari and mountain experience and practice their sport at the pinnacle of achievement.

Below please find Bio Data of some of our guides that will help you scale Mount Kilimanjaro and take you on a memorable wildlife Safari in Tanzania


Gabriel Nkini –Trip Leader

A part from being the Director of Kilitop & Safaris, Gabriel Nkini is a fully certified Kilimanjaro and Safari guide.

He was born and raised in a small town of at the western base of mount Kilimanjaro. After his secondary education; he decided to pursue his true passion, to guide in the mountains.

Before becoming a guide he had worked for several years as a porter and becoming a mountain guide after attending a mountain guiding course organized by NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) & Kilimanjaro National Park. Gabriel is also a graduate of the prestigious Mweka Wildlife Management College.

He has also attended several courses on First Aid and wilderness medicine, Gabriel has spent several years guiding groups on Safari, hiking, climbing and trekking adventures throughout Tanzania.

He is a talented an innovative trip leader, is outgoing, personable, and an asset on any trip. He truly enjoys showcasing African wilderness to everyone! Clients always find his insights and suggestions invaluable. Gabriel has summited Mt. Kilimanjaro more than 400 times.


John Maeda – Trip Leader

John grew up in Marangu at the foot of Mount Kilimanjaro, where he began climbing Mount Kilimanjaro as an assistant guide.

Becoming a Mountain guide was a natural progression for a kid who spent most of his spare time training as a porter.His favorite part of his job is seeing the look on guests’ faces when they’re having a wonderful experience, especially in the stunning settings of his country, Tanzania.

He is famous for showing natural leadership and always calculated in rallying his team and keeping his guests calm and focused at the task ahead.

Goodluck Jonas

Goodluck Jonas – Mountain Guide

Goodluck gained invaluable knowledge about Mount Kilimanjaro from his grandfather, a young boy, he would go out into and climb Kilimanjaro with his grandpa, who would teach him about the native flora and fauna as well as aspects of local history.

Armed with years of practical experience, Goodluck qualified as a professional Mountain guide in 2000 and has been guiding expeditions between Kilimanjaro and Tanzania National Parks ever since.He is always excited to guide and help individuals obtain their personal goals of mountain travel.


Innocent Mmary – Mountain & Safari Guide

Innocent is an extremely passionate mountain & Safari guide. He began guiding in 2008 and shares his passion for the mountains and African wilderness with climbers and Safari enthusiasts from all the world.

He has passion for teaching and giving clients a rewarding and positive mountain experience. He immensely enjoys customizing each experience as well as helping guests find heightened awareness and new knowledge.

Samson Saitoti

Samson Saitoti – Mountain Guide

Samson Saitoti is an exceptional, knowledgeable and extremely passionate Mountain guide that is always happy to share his knowledge of flaura and fauna with his guests who visit Tanzania from all over the world.

He began his  guiding career after attending a course on mountain climbing. He has more than 10 years of guiding experience.