Why You Should Choose Us For Your Mountain Trekking & Wildlife Safari Experience!

– We offer a variety of Safari experiences in Tanzania that ranges from camping Safaris, Adventure Tours, Wildlife viewing, Photographic Safaris, Cultural Tours, Traditional home stays, walking & trekking safaris, camel safaris beach holidays and more.

– We do NOT Sub-contract – We have our own dedicated Mountain Trekking & Safari operations, giving you peace of mind that when you book with us, it is us handling your climb or Safari as opposed to an anonymous sub-contractor.

– We always ensure that our equipment on the mountain is the best and suited for the harshest mountain conditions, the equipment can withstand heavy rains and strong winds. We also ensure that all equipment is replaced in good time, to ensure that the quality is maintained.

– We provide two-person (Mountain Hardware) tents of proven quality and specifically designed for mountain use. These tents have plenty of personal space, an ample luggage storage area and a separate external flysheet. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in our separate mess tent with folding chairs and tables.

– We take your safety very seriously and it is always our number one priority and nothing trumps its importance. Safety equipment like oxygen bottles are carried on every single climb, as well as first aid kits and multiple communication devices.We have mountain guides and other staff who are highly trained in high altitude rescue operations and most have Wilderness First Responder certification,all our mountain crew also work hard to maintain our strict standards of safety.

– All our guides are trained in wilderness first aid practices by a certified professional trainer and go through a refresher course once a year.They draw from their wealth of mountain knowledge, experience and training to make sound decisions that maximizes chances of reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro.

– Porter and other mountain crew welfare is an important part of our staff policy. We pay a good salary and ensure that our staff have sleeping tents on all camping routes. Porterage is the largest single cost element on mountain climbs and the temptation to reduce this cost always exists.

– We have professional and dedicated cooks who will prepare your food for the entire climb or camping Safari. We provide excellent variety in meals; we think about good nutrition and we only work with cooks who are skilled at taking care of people’s feeding needs at high altitude.