8 Days Lemosho Route

Lemosho is one of the 7 official trails of Mount Kilimanjaro.Unlike the other six routes, Lemosho starts at a very low altitude enjoying first days of the climb passing through magnificent forests and moorland.It is a long and difficult route with very few people, until it converges with the Machame Route. Despite its remoteness and difficulty, it is favoured by many Kilimanjaro trekking operators because it is an extremely beautiful route with low traffic.

Lemosho route Approaches the mountain from the west.The minimum duration for a Mt. Kilimanjaro trek using this route is six days, but 8 days is ideal, so you get time to get acclimatized and enjoy the panoramic views from multiple sides of the mountain. During the first two days of the climb, trekkers traverse through beautiful rainforests, where small animals such as the Colobus and blue monkeys are visible. In comparison to the Machame route, which simply intersects the Shira Plateau, Lemosho crosses the Plateau from east to west, providing fantastic views of Kibo Peak.

Other attractions you will see on the Lemosho route include the Lava Tower, where you get to enjoy panoramic vistas and the Great Barranco Wall, which presents a difficult and thrilling challenge.Your accommodation  overnight is  in tents and after reaching the summit, the descent is made on the Mweka Route (designated descent trail for the other routes except for Marangu & Rongai routes).

The Lemosho is a highly recommended route because of its spectacular scenic views, relatively low traffic and above all high summit success rate. Moreover, after a few days of climbing, the Lemosho route merges with the Machame route all the way up to the summit and the descent down Mwaka. Due to the extra days on the lower altitudes, this is the best trek in terms of acclimatization.

 Day 1:Arriving into Tanzania

Touch down at Kilimanjaro International Airport. After clearing  customs and immigrations formalities you will Kilitop and Safaris representative waiting for you with a board bearing your names.Take a private transfer to Arusha where you will spend the night.

Day 2: Pre-Climb Orientation

Today is a rest day which  is designed to give you plenty of time to relax, pack and recoup from the long journey. Kilitop and Safaris guided will meet you late in the afternoon  for a short climbing orientation. You will  be given you a climb briefing and answer any questions you may have. Your Kilimanjaro guide will also do an equipment check  to be sure that you are fully prepared. Later today you may also decide to  walk with your guides or cultural exchange with indigenous people.

Day 3: Montane Forest (9,000′)

After breakfast in your hotel in Arusha, you will drive for approximately one hour and half to the Kilimanjaro National Park, Londorosi  gate. At the gate you will have  to check in and register, then you will have an opportunity to  meet the rest of the climbing crew, such  assistant guides, porters and the chef. Today you your trek to the first camp  will take about 4 hours through the undisturbed forest to our camp for the night. With luck we will be able to see Colobus monkeys and signs of elephants or buffaloes and other forest wildlife on our hike to camp.

Day 4: Shira Plateau West Side (11,300′)

Today you will take your time hiking through the forest which will afford you an opportunity to spot  plentiful game and bird life. The hike will take  you  up through the Montane Forest and the Hagenia forest zones. You will be able to see the unique environmental differences that characterize these equatorial zones.

Day 5: Shira Plateau East Side -Fischer’s Camp (12,950′)

Take your  hike today  which will last for  about 4 hours across the Shira Plateau, A World Heritage Site, another  hour will take you up the western slope of the Kibo Massif. Spend  some time admiring and exploring the plateau, before you get to your picnic lunch site. You overnight camp will be set up in the upper heath and moorland zone in full view of the Western Breach.

Day 6: Lava Tower (14,300′)

After breakfast today you will have a longer hike  of  approximately 6 hours to your overnight camp just under Lava Tower, which is  a 300 foot high volcanic lava plug that juts out of the side of the mountain.After lunch, you can climb to the top of Lava tower to enjoy the scenery of the surrounding areas and descend down to the camp before dinner. Adequately, this will increase your performance by acclimatizing high on top of the tower. This will be your   first introduction to the alpine zone, with the only plant life being the hardiest of grasses and lichens. You will enjoy a  spectacular view of  your final ascent route up the Western Breach wall and the Breach Icicle.

Day 7: Arrow Glacier (16,000′)

Experience the Western Breach ascent route full view, as you take  3 hours trekking to the base of the route where you will  camp close to Arrow Glacier. Today you will mostly  be  spent  resting and conserving strength, but there will also be an afternoon hike partway along the climbing ascent route. This is designed to get  you to higher elevations for better acclimatization and give you a chance to familiarize yourself  with the beginning of the longest hiking day of the whole climb.

Day 8: Summit Crater Camp (18,500′)

Today is an exciting day as you wind  your way up the Western Breach. It will take about 5 -6 hours before reaching  crater rim of the main Kilimanjaro summit massif. After the hike and you still have  the energy, you  can explore the inner crater and the ash pit before moving to your highest camp on the crater floor.  This spectacular high camp is next to the Furtwrangler Glaciers, with stunning views westward towards Mount Meru and the setting African sun. The high altitude of crater camp makes it a physically demanding experience, but the reward is a radical scene of towering glaciers rising from the harsh rock landscapes.

Day 9: Summit Day And Mweka Camp (10,500′)

You will start your final ascent that will take you to the summit  (19,340′) early enough in the morning so that you reach the  summit by 9:00am. This final  stretch of your climb is only 800 feet and can be undertaken after sunrise and a leisurely breakfast or just early enough to be at the summit during sunrise. This is quite a contrast to the 3,000 feet slog required to summit via all the other ascent routes on Kilimanjaro. Enjoy the  rewards of seeing the summit crater glaciers and standing on Africa’s highest peak. After taking in the view from Uhuru Peak ,begin the long descend through Barafu Hut and down to your final camp near Mweka Hut.

Day 10: Arusha

Descend further down  in  a hike that will take you  about 4 to 5 hours to make the 4,500 feet descend to the park gate. At the gate, you will be cheered by your Kilimanjaro crew as you  check out and receive Kilimanjaro climbing certificate to confirm your success, then eat our lunch and say goodbye to your Kilitop and Safaris mountain staff. After lunch, drive through very beautiful coffee plantations and small villages of the Chagga people back to Arusha, for a nice hot shower or swimming at the lodge and relax, looking forward to departing or going on safari the following day.