Kilitop & Safaris is a committed Mount Kilimanjaro company with vast experience in organizing successful trekking expeditions to the summit of Africa of Mount Kilimanjaro. The Founder of Kilitop & Safaris is a trained wildlife and Mountain guide with more than 15 years in the business.

All the climbers considering an attempt on Mt. Kilimanjaro should know in advance that they should principally been guided by certified Mount Kilimanjaro guide(s). The guides are trained and certified by Mount Kilimanjaro National Park Authority. In most cases these guides have prior experienced of climbing Kilimanjaro having worked before as porters. It is dangerous and against Kilimanjaro’s park regulation to attempt the trek of Kilimanjaro without a certified guide.

Our highly trained and experienced Mount Kilimanjaro guides can spot and tell very quickly symptoms of altitude sickness, how to avoid them as well as monitoring your overall health. We are always equipped to deal with issues of health that may affect you while climbing.

Kilitop & Safaris has team of exceptional Mountain guides who will successfully guide you to the roof of Africa (5895 m). We are an old broom therefore we know all the corners and tricks.