Serengeti Balloon Safaris, Hot Air Balloon Ride To Grasp Panoramic Views


Tanzania Balloon Safaris-Watching wildlife from a different perspective!

For years, Serengeti Balloon safaris has monopolized the business of hot air balloon safaris in the northern parks of Tanzania. As it is usual with monopolies, prices are always high as they are set at the pleasure of the monopoly, also freedom and flexibility are non-existent.

The other disadvantage of a monopoly, is sometimes the demand outstrips supply especially in the peak season when most tourists are visiting Tanzania. The best thing about Serengeti balloon safaris or Tarangire Balloon Safaris is the additional wildlife viewing opportunities from the air which bring a different perspective providing the most awesome combination of a bird’s eye view of scenery and wildlife.

The arrival of Tarangire balloon safaris, has brought more options and added flexibility. You can now decide to do your Tanzania balloon safari either in Tarangire National Park or at Serengeti National Park, depending on which Park you consider more favourable.

You no longer have to go to Serengeti to enjoy your balloon ride, if you are tight with time you can decide to visit Tarangire National Park whichis 130 kms from Arusha and do your Tarangire Balloon Safaris the following day. A balloon safari will definitely enrich your Tanzania safari experience.

To avoid disappointment in missing your balloon ride, it is recommended you book the ride early in advance through your tour operator.

You also have option of booking the ride on the ground however by so doing your reservation will not be guaranteed.The cost of the balloon safaris includes your pick up from the lodge you stay the night before. You have to wake up early as you’re collected at around 5:30 in the morning.

An early morning balloon flight over the Serengeti national Park or Tarangire National park is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful balloon flights in the world and one of the ultimate safari experiences .Anyone booked on a wildlife safari in northern Tanzania which includes a few nights in the Serengeti and Tarangire National Parks should carefully consider adding on this very popular hot air balloon option.

The balloon ride takes approximately one hour at a cost of US$ 499 per person. On landing, the crew set up a full champagne breakfast in ideal location where you will be treated to the panoramic views of either Serengeti plains or Tarangire River.Each passenger is awarded a certificate as a memento of the flight. After the ride you can continue with your game viewing activities.

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